You can not build a home without a house ! In these recent years fromthestash.com is one of the best real estate agents on the market. We helped the customers find their dream houses and so that build up their home.

Right now we are openning this blog as a place so that we can share our tips and experience about fixing and improving your house. With 13 years working as a house advisor, we proudly to provide you with the best advices and knowledges from the professional. And now, it is free ! If you have extra time, let’s try these tips and saves some money for the family. You can remodel the bedroom, fix the house water system or just install the new door for your house without hiring anyone !

In case you are not confident with your skills, dont worry, we have a list of reliable services to the right column, just pick up the phone and call them now. They have everything you need from the bathroom, bedroom, living room and dining room or other home improvement service. All in the hand of trusted pros !