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Pillow guide – should I buy the feather pillow?

Do you know the fact you use your pillows for how many hours? Why your pillow is so much important? Do you know your pillow can support your neck or head or can just ruin your posture? Do you know why you have to take a great care while selecting a pillow for you? If you don’t know the answers and facts related to these questions – we must say here you should search about these answers at least on beginner’s level!

We are saying you this because you spend 2500 – 2600 hours with your pillows average on yearly basis. In other terms you spend almost 100 120 days with your pillows – you can’t consider your pillow just a medium on which you put your head and take rest or get a sleep no! Pillows play vital role not only in supporting your head but also serving your body a right orientation too so, it means you have to be cautious while choosing a pillow for your bedfeather pillows benefits

Sleeping styles what makes your pillow unique?

Everyone has his or her own sleeping style. Some people sleep on their sides, some people sleep straight on their head and shoulder and some prefer to sleep on their stomachs. Some even don’t like lying on bed (well we have observed many people sitting on sofas or chairs and having a calm sleep interesting enough)…so, everyone has his or her unique ways of sleeping. It means – it’s impossible to use same type of pillows for two different sleepers. We are here to guide you best about selection of pillows with experts.

How to choose a pillow basic tips you must know!goose feather pillows

  1. Pillow depends on your sleeping style

If you are a side sleeper you need a firm pillow to support your neck and shoulders. If you sleep straight like on your back you need a normal hard to medium pillow to support your back adequately. And if you are a stomach sleeper (usually not recommended) – you need a soft and comfortable pillow to sleep on

  1. Should you use a feather pillow important considerations

Feather pillows may prove to be best in certain conditions but you may find them really useless in other conditions. It depends on your use and body needs your preference in selection of the pillows.

  1. What pros you may experience by using feather pillows?
  • Cheap
  • Light weight
  • Easy to handle
  • Hypo allergic (may or may not)
  • No issues regarding bad odors like synthetic one may have
  • Not noisy
  • Cool and peaceful
  • Easy to bend and great to use
  1. What cons are you getting?
  • Shortest life span
  • Not good for people having back ache issues
  • Doesn’t support your body adequately
  • Not enough durable may face wear and tear issues

Precisely speaking you must have basic knowledge about the product you are going to purchase. If you take a case of feather pillows we simply say they are good enough if you sleep on your stomach…for back and side sleepers it’s not good enough.