The PE770 Packs a Punch, Whether You Are At Home OR Office

Embroidery machines are not really a cheap pastime because it is a source of income for many people and buying good ones can take a lot of time and your money. In embroidery business, the three very common names like Janome, Brother and Singer lead the way as they cater to home based and commercial uses. Today, we are going to talk about Brother Embroidery machines because Brother has been around for quite some time and for your bucks, it aims to provide you a gem. Their models are easy to use, set up and are trustworthy.

Always Remember to Keep In Mind:

  • Budget
  • Your skill level
  • Guarantee

Brother PE770 Embroidery-Only


This single machine has been doing rounds in the best embroidery machine for beginner list and has been called worth every penny. It comes under $600, which is fairly alright for a beginner and allows you to carry out projects of your choices. It comes with a large embroidery area, giving you plenty of space to monogram large items and unite designs with reduced re-hooping. Back lit design has made it easy for the complex designs to be seen and the built in designs goes from frame shapes to border styles, patterns, floral designs and much more.

The Design Option is Unlimited

Yes, I am right. There are virtually all the designs available you might need for your embroidery ventures, plus if you get bored with the built in ones, you can import them from Brother’s memory card or through a USB stick. This machine is called the best embroidery machine for beginners because it delivers you versatility in embroidery designs and the included in professional software permits you to carry out a wide-ranging editing such as rotating, mirror-image and augmenting/reducing the sizes.

What are the Product Characteristics?

  • Embroidery area 5×7”
  • Built-in memory
  • 136 designs and 6 lettering fonts in library
  • Card slot and USB port
  • LCD Touch-screen
  • Automatic Thread Cutter
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Quick-set Bobbin
  • 650 stitches per minute is the maximum speed
  • 8 lbs.

What are the Views of the Consumers?

The consumers have been babbling happily about this machine a lot mainly because of its stress-free using ability. You certainly won’t have to skim the manual for hours on end to become familiar with this machine. It has been built in a way that even a beginner will gauge its functionality quickly. The automatic threader has been raved about a lot, which makes it the best embroidery machine for beginners.  The stitch quality has been noted as great and the availability of so many designs give you a chance to experiment extensively.

There are Some Finicky Problems as well

  • There are less editing options.
  • The display is only black and white.
  • The hoop is low-quality and stubborn to fit into the machine.
  • Bobbin winding is hard too.
  • Machine does signal when the upper thread unclasps.
  • There is no way to add extra fonts in the machine.

What is our Verdict?

Every machine has some kind of imperfection but for the price tag, the PE770 definitely packs a punch for the beginners. It isn’t just only inexpensive but it comes with a load of built-in designs that cater to all your embroidery desires, for sure. Yes, to make it even more standardized, you’ll have to put in $200 to $300 to improve it but in the end, you’ll be getting the best embroidery machine for beginners and that is what counts.


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